Shapers rule the continent of Kesteria, a land of high magic.

Shapers are a matriarchy made up of multiple houses descended from, they claim, a single bloodline that goes back for as long as their records exist. They control all magic (Binding) and use it to shape and enhance their physical self and their environment. Their kingdom is a caste driven one, which they, of course, are at the top of.


There are seven houses that make up the bloodlines of the Shapers. Each house is responsible for a different area of government – the responsibilities rotate every 7 years, through a vote by every female Shaper of voting age (30 years old), The 7 houses and their current responsibilities:

Some responsibilities obviously have more value than others and are fought over in the 7 year Terhert’il (Joining of the Blood). But politics is more than just what house a Shaper belongs to.


In addition to belonging to a House from birth, almost all female Shapers of voting age also belong to a political party (perhaps several). These parties sometimes form around a single issue and last only for that issue to live and die in the regular Meeting of the Houses. Other parties have lasted for lifetimes and will probably continue for lifetimes more. A Shaper will join political parties for many different reasons, including personal ideals and general House allegiance. The dance of political parties vs house interests is a delicate one that never ends as the various members of Houses hope to bring more power to themselves and/or their House by aligning with political parties. But Born to a House, Always of a House – female Shapers will always find their final loyalty to their House…but perhaps not to the current head of the House.

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